Mayor Mark Greenhill at Glenbrook Swim Centre

Extending pool hours during summer heatwaves

29 Aug 2019

Council has approved plans for Blue Mountains pools to extend their opening hours during heatwaves in the summer months.

At a meeting on 27 August, Council recognised that opening pools for longer during hot weather would help to promote the wellbeing of the community and support a healthy lifestyle.

The extended hours will apply during the months of December, January and February when the temperatures are higher than usual for the time of year, unless the pool has been previously booked.

“Extending operating hours of our pools will help our community stay well and comfortable during exceptionally hot weather,” said Mayor Mark Greenhill, “and is in line with Council’s aims to encourage participation in physically active and social lifestyles.”
The changes will apply to all Blue Mountains pools – at Glenbrook, Springwood, Lawson, Katoomba and Blackheath – but will vary, according to existing programs and current opening times. Extensions will also apply to different days of the week.

Glenbrook, Springwood and Lawson pools will close as late as 9pm during very hot weather; Katoomba indoor pools will close at 9pm, while Katoomba’s outdoor pool hours will extend to 8pm. Blackheath will close at 8pm, though extended hours are already in place at Blackheath on weekends.

Extended times will be subject to staffing levels and may be affected when heatwaves occur over many days. 

Changes to the extended hours may need to be made at short notice if the weather changes, for example if thunderstorms or cool changes occur. This will be at the discretion of staff and will be communicated to the public via social media channels.

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Pic: Mayor Mark Greenhill at Glenbrook Swim Centre.

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