COVID-19 Update

In accordance with the new measures announced by the NSW Government, Council owned outdoor play areas, including playgrounds, skate parks, outdoor exercise equipment and sportsgrounds will reopen for community use on Friday 15 May.

If you are planning to use these facilities once they reopen, please do so with caution. Remember to:

  • Maintain physical distancing and high levels of personal hygiene.
  • Make sure you wash your hands before and after you use any equipment or touch public surfaces. The safest thing to do is assume the person before you has the virus.
  • Do not go out if you’re sick or have had contact with someone who may have contracted COVID-19. 
  • Public gatherings in outdoor spaces, including sportsgrounds, are limited to 10 people.

All BBQ facilities remain closed at this stage.

On this map we feature 21 of our parks, available for use by the general public and community groups, as well as our 6 skate parks. We also feature 42 of our sportsgrounds and courts. Search the map below – or get more information by clicking on the pictures in the ‘Featured’ sections below.

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    Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park

    Location: Park Avenue, Blackheath,

    This park has significant heritage value, with...

    Wentworth Falls Lake Park

    Location: Sinclair Crescent, Wentworth Falls,

    This park has a picnic area on the shores of...

    Buttenshaw Park

    Location: Great Western Highway, Springwood ,

    This park is currently quite formal but will...

    Glenbrook Park

    Location: Park Street, Glenbrook ,

    With a new playground for young children, as well...

    Jubilee Park, Blackheath

    Location: Clanwilliam Street, Blackheath,

    Picnic shelters, benches, bins, open green space...

    Melrose Park

    Location: Albion Street, Katoomba,

    Park benches and bins and playground equipment....

    Katoomba Falls Reserve

    Location: Cliff Drive, Katoomba,

    Two sportsgrounds. Park benches and bins and play...

    Gloria Park

    Location: Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook,

    Playground with park benches and bins. Public...

    Summerhayes Oval

    Location: Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    District level Sportsground. Four sports fields...

    Blaxland Oval Playground

    Location: St Johns Road, Blaxland,

    Local Park with play equipment. In proximity to...

    Lennox Park

    Location: 29 Matthew Parade, East Blaxland,

    2 Tennis Courts. Paved paths suitable for...

    Mt Victoria Memorial Park

    Location: Cnr Great Western Highway & Station Street, Mt Victoria,

    Picnic tables, play equipment, toilets and play...

    Medlow Bath Park

    Location: Railway Parade, Medlow Bath,

    Play equipment, toilets, park benches and...

    Bert Hinkler Park, Katoomba

    Location: Corner Katoomba & Warialda Street, Katoomba,

    Toilets. Park benches and bins, picnic shelter...

    Gordon’s Falls Park

    Location: Cnr Olympian Parade and Lone Pine Avenue, Leura,

    Park benches, bins and grotto shelters. Lookout...

    The Village Green

    Location: Noble Street, Bullaburra,

    Park bench, bin and playground equipment....

    Wilson Park

    Location: St Bernards Drive, Lawson,

    Public toilets, park benches, bins and playground...

    Linden Park

    Location: Corner Glossop Road and Burke Road, Linden,

    Playground equipment. Basketball hoop and circle....

    Yellow Rock Park

    Location: 22a Illingworth Road, Yellow Rock,

    Play equipment. Bike path circuit. Picnic bench,...

    Arthur Street Possum Park

    Location: 18 Arthur Street, Warrimoo,

    Recently renovated play equipment. Picnic benches...

    Outrim Park

    Location: 10 Hope Street, Blaxland,

    Play equipment. Fenced and in close proximity (to...

    Blackheath skatepark

    Location: Neate Park, Great Western Highway, Blackheath,

    A local level beginner facility. Features a mini...

    Melrose skatepark

    Location: Albion Street, Katoomba,

    Junior skatepark - for beginners.

    Katoomba skatepark

    Location: Goldsmith Place, Katoomba ,

    Best half-pipe in the mountains with ramps of...

    Lawson skatepark

    Location: Bellevue Park, Great Western Hwy, Lawson,

    Good bowl and a 7ft vertical wall. The 7ft...

    Winmalee skatepark

    Location: Adjacent to Bunnel Avenue, Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    Best for street skateboarders. Few ramps, lots of...

    Glenbrook skatepark

    Location: Glenbrook Oval, Corner of Hare Street and Great Western Hwy,

    Glenbrook skate park is fun for bikes,...

    Browntown Oval

    Location: Great Western Highway, Mount Victoria,

    Local level Sportsground. The home of Blue...

    Blackheath Oval

    Location: Clanwilliam Street, Blackheath,

    District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

    Melrose Sportsground

    Location: Albion Street, Katoomba,

    District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

    Bureau Sportsground

    District level Sportsground. Local sportsground...

    Katoomba Showground

    Location: Orient Street, Katoomba,

    District level Sportsground. Large, well...

    Katoomba Falls Reserve Sportsgrounds

    Location: Cliff Drive, Katoomba,

    District level Sportsgrounds. Two sportsgrounds...

    Peter Carroll Oval

    Location: Clarence Street, Katoomba ,

    District level Sportsground. Change-rooms and...

    Pitt Park

    Location: Adele Avenue, Wentworth Falls,

    District level Sportsgrounds. Two high standard...

    Murray Park Oval

    Location: Falls Road, Wentworth Falls,

    Local level sportsground. Cricket nets. Some off...

    Lawson Oval

    Location: Ferris Lane, Lawson,

    Local standard sportsground. Cricket pitch.

    Gloria Park

    Location: Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook,

    District standard sportsground. Sports Clubhouse/...

    Tom Hunter Oval

    Location: Hunter Way, Faulconbridge,

    District level sportsground and second smaller...

    Lomatia Sportsground

    Location: Bland Road, Springwood,

    District standard sportsground with high fence...

    Summerhayes Oval

    Location: Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    Four sportsfields with night lights. Sports...

    Warrimoo Sportsground

    Location: 122 Rickard Rd, Warrimoo,

    District level Sportsground. Sportsground with...

    Blaxland Oval

    Location: St Johns Road, Blaxland,

    District level Sportsground. Sportsground with...

    Glenbrook Park Sportsground

    Location: Park Street, Glenbrook,

    Local sportsground with cricket pitch. Close...

    Glenbrook Oval

    Location: Hare Street, Glenbrook,

    District sportsground with cricket pitch. Night...

    Knapsack Park Oval

    Location: Barnett Street, Glenbrook,

    3 Sports sportsgrounds. Club house and amenities...

    Lapstone Oval

    Location: Explorers Road, Lapstone,

    Local sportsground often used for rugby with...

    Mt Victoria Memorial Park Tennis Court

    Location: Cnr Great Western Highway & Station Street, Mt VictoriaCnr Great Western Highway & Station Street, Mt Victoria,

    1 synthetic surface Tennis Court. Booking via Ph....

    Blackheath Tennis Courts

    Location: Clanwilliam Street, Blackheath,

    Bookings: (02) 4787 7779

    3 synthetic surface Tennis Courts. 1 with night...

    Medlow Bath Park Tennis Court

    Location: Railway Parade, Medlow Bath,

    1 Tennis Court , with basketball hoop. No booking...

    Katoomba Tennis Club

    Location: Bowling Green Avenue, Katoomba,

    Bookings: 0490 201 903


    4 tennis courts with new synthetic asphalt...

    Wentworth Falls Tennis Courts

    Location: Falls Road, Wentworth Falls,

    Bookings: (02) 4757 3266


    3 good quality asphalt tennis courts with...

    Queen Oak Park Tennis Courts

    Location: 28-32 Honour Avenue, Lawson,

    Bookings: 0410 800 941

    2 synthetic tennis courts with change room/ small...

    Gloria Park Tennis Courts

    Location: Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook,

    Bookings: (02) 4780 5000

    2 asphalt tennis courts. Booking via Council Ph.

    Weroona Park Court

    Location: Weroon Avenue, Woodford ,

    Bookings: (02) 4758 7222

    1 Asphalt tennis court. Booking via phone.

    Linden Park Half Court

    Location: Corner Glossop Road and Burke Road, Linden,

    Half court basketball hoop and circle. No booking...

    Buttenshaw Park Courts

    Location: Great Western Highway, Springwood,

    Bookings: (02) 4780 5000

    2 Churchill Street Netball Courts with lights....

    Springwood Tennis Centre

    Location: Spring Street, Springwood,

    Bookings: (02) 4751 5383

    12 high quality District level Tennis Courts....

    Lomatia Court

    Location: Bland Road, Springwood,

    1 multi-use court. Toilets and change-rooms. Off...

    Summerhayes Oval Tennis Courts

    Location: Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee,

    Bookings: (02) 4754 1586

    4 Tennis Courts. Small club house with toilets....

    Warrimoo Tennis Courts

    Location: 122 Rickard Rd, Warrimoo,

    Bookings: (02) 4753 6385

    District level Sportsground. 3 Tennis Courts with...

    Mt Riverview Courts

    Location: Calver Avenue, Mt Riverview ,

    Bookings: (02) 4739 8272

    2 synthetic Courts with lights. Booking via....

    Blaxland Oval Netball Courts

    Location: St Johns Road, Blaxland,

    2 multi-use courts.

    Lennox Park Courts

    Location: Lennox Park, Matthew Parade, Blaxland,

    Bookings: (02) 4739 1017

    2 tennis courts. Booking via phone.

    Glenbrook Park Tennis Courts

    Location: Park Street, Glenbrook,

    Bookings: 04 13 910 762

    3 synthetic grass tennis courts with small club...

    Lapstone Oval Netball Courts

    Location: Explorers Road, Lapstone,

    Bookings: (02) 4780 5000

    9 competition level Netball Courts. Netball...

    Lapstone Oval Tennis Courts

    Location: Explorers Road, Lapstone,

    Bookings: (02) 4739 3602

    Two synthetic tennis courts with lights. By...

    Megalong Community Hall Tennis Court

    Location: Megalong Road, Megalong,

    Bookings: 0438 879 181

    One Tennis court. By booking via phone.

    Leura Oval

    Location: Lone Pine Avenue, Leura,

    Facilities: Toilets, park benches and bins. Dog off-leash at restricted times.

    Local level sportsground

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